Christine Cong GuoCG_img

Team Head, Translational Neuroscience, QIMR Berghofer

Affiliations: Queensland Brain Institute, Centre of Advanced Imaging, Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital

Dr. Guo received a B.Sc in Biological Sciences from Peking University and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Stanford University, School of Medicine, followed by postdoctoral training at the Memory and Aging Center (UCSF). She has broad research experience, from molecular biology and genetics to electrophysiology and systems neuroscience. Her work focuses on understanding selective vulnerability at the network level in health and in neurodegenerative diseases, using modern neuroimaging techniques. She is also developing neuroimaging methods to understand the body-brain interaction and its breakdown in neurological and psychiatric disorders.



Jinglei Lv

Postdoctoral Fellow, QIMR Berghofer

Dr. Lv received a B.S. and a M.S. in Control Science and Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University. He received a Ph.D in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System from Northwestern Polytechnical University with 4 year’s neuroimage research training in University of Georgia, after which he received a half year postdoctoral training in University of Georgia, Computer Science Department.
His research interests include multi-modality brain imaging analysis, functional brain network modeling, brain disease bio-marker modeling, machine learning methods and applications to neroimage analysis.


Thuong Cong Nguyen

thuong_portraitVisiting Scholar, QIMR Berghofer

Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO

Dr Nguyen completed his PhD from Deakin University in September 2015 in the field of pervasive computing and machine learning.


Saurabh Sonkusare

PhD Candidate, SOM VN_SSUniversity of QueenslandQIMR Berghofer

Sonkusare received a M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of York, UK.

Yudan Renthumb_img_2315_1024

PhD Candidate, NWPU

Jiahui Wang

PhD Candidate, NWPU

Taria Tane

Lab Manager


Yifan (Emily) Sun

Research Assistant

Lab Alumni

Vinh Thai NguyenVN2

Dr Nguyen received a BS in Computer Science from Newcastle University and a PhD in psychology from Queensland Brain Institute. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow here from 2014-2017.





A/Prof Markus Barth, 7T Facility Fellow, UQ, AUS

Prof Michael Breakspear, Program coordinator of Mental Health and Complex Disorders, QIMR, UQ, AUS

Prof Gerard Byrne, Director of Older Persons’ Mental Health Service, RWH, UQ, AUS

Prof Lei Guo, Department of Automation, NWPU, China

Prof Junwei Han, Department of Automation, NWPU, China

Dr Robert Henderson, Department of Neurology, RBWH, AUS

Dr Michael Hornberger, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge 

A/Prof Xintao Hu, Department of Automation, NWPU, China

A/Prof Tianming Liu, Department of Computer Science, University of Georgia, USA

A/Prof Jennifer Raymond, Department of Neurobiology, Stanford University, USA

Dr Gail Robinson, School of Psychology, UQ, AUS

A/Prof William Seeley, Memory and Aging Center, UCSF, USA